More Food For Thought

Take a moment and contemplate the fullness of His infinite creation.  Too often we think of man as being at the pinnacle of God’s creative prowess, just a step or two away from Holy Communion with His infinite expression.  And so in a very real way we are, but what of our beautiful earth.  Is it not an entity with conscious intent, and what of the neighboring planets, the solar system, our sun, the stars, constellations, and galaxies?  What about the universe, or are there universes as many scientists theorize? Are there universes of universes? Is there a collective consciousness, a separate entity at each level of creation, at each ever increasing complexity of united expression.  Is there an end or does the expression of His magnificence go on forever, creation within creation, within creation.

So much to wrap our minds around and yet our minds cannot comprehend it.  In deep contemplation we can begin to touch its infinite depth, but even the quietest of minds cannot see it clearly, much less bring it back to earth in words, symbols, analogies or metaphor.  Yet something deep inside calls us to this subtle reflection of ever greater  truths, inviting us to climb the holy stairway of greater understanding.  Does it make you feel small, or do you sense something so profound that  you explode with inner joy, a joy which cannot wait to plumb the depths of its promise?

Think about it.  Perhaps someday we will meet on the stairway.

God Bless