Won’t You Be Mine ©

A Valentine’s Day Message

And so we come upon another Valentines day.    So much more than a day to exchange cards and candy hearts.  Not just an annual opportunity for greeting card companies to meet budget objectives.  This is a time to reflect on those we love.  This is a time to see Love’s power in all, well beyond just families and friends, to an ever growing infinite circle of connectedness.  Think deeply on this day of Love.  Open your hearts and feel its message.  Feel its infinite flow and observe where it guides you.

The world wants us to think that Love is saved only for a select few. 

It urges us to shield our hearts from the fears which it promotes, unknown fears, and yet no less demanding of attention.

Truth is, they are illusionary – unless we choose to let them into our psyche.  If we choose to accept this illusion, we soon withdraw. We find ourselves existing in a truncated realm of our own making and feel increasingly alone. 

Fear is behind all negativity in the world, all dark thoughts.

It is the father of separatism, anger, aggression, selfishness and ultimately depression and hopelessness. 

Valentines Day, as simple and childlike as it may seem, is a ray of light from above, a small remembrance that Love is the way and its message of Oneness  a pathway through the illusion.  Share your Love, even if only through small acts of kindness and charity, and watch as the light   of your Love grows and combines with the Love of others.  Give, receive and give again, until the illusion of being separate is revealed for the false premise that it is.  It is a simple choice, although at first it seems like a giant and dangerous leap across a deep and ominous chasm.  Look through the lens of your Love, your heart, and a bridge across will be revealed.   It beckons all   who are lost to step upon it and rediscover the long forgotten truth of who they really are.  Each step is greeted by heavens illuminating light, and the illusion of an uncrossable chasm fades into the nothingness of its founding.  Soon a beautiful valley is revealed with its fertile fields, pure lakes and streams, wildlife and glorious vistas.  This is our true reality.  Valentine’s day is a moment in time to reconnect.  It has always been so.  God’s forever promise.  We have only to choose. Four simple words,  “Won’t you be mine?”

Won’t You Be Mine


Sweet Valentine, Pure Love Divine

Fragrance sublime, Won’t you be mine?

As I am yours, Expression so pure

Beyond allure, Love is the cure

Share Love’s bouquet, Along the way

Keep dark at bay, Through Him we pray

And so we share, Sweet Love so fair

Awake and aware, Within sacred air

Not just a date, Love co-creates

Roads become straight, Unlock the gates

Be Mine – the request, To All addressed

Give first and be blessed, True Love the quest