For I Am Here ©

Too often we find ourselves dwelling on feelings, often painful memories, and although observing thoughts, feelings and ideas without attachment can be a healthy exercise, dwelling on them with attachment is not. This morning during meditation, my mind wandered to a particular family related challenge and I found myself totally consumed by the related pain it caused to well up within me. When I eventually noticed that my mind had strayed, I brought it back to the silence and was unexpectedly confronted with the inner question, “Why do you dwell on pain when I Am here?” The poem which follows was the result. Hope you enjoy.

For I Am Here

And so you walk the world’s roads

You feel alone with heavy load

The world’s unkind, you know each tear

You feel your pain, yet I Am here

You’ve made the choice, you’ve lost all hope

You do your best to live and cope

You’ve chosen sadness, embraced fear

You’ve chosen dark, yet I Am here

And so reality is made

From paths we’ve taken, roles we’ve played

It seems so natural, seems so clear

You chose illusion, yet I Am here

I gave you choice to find your way

Back home to me and yet you stray

With each right choice, hear Heaven’s cheer

Sharpen your focus, for I Am here

Why dwell on pain when I am Joy

Through loving choice, your pain destroy

Reclaim your legacy, truth so dear

Pure Light and Love, for I Am here

Don’t dwell on sadness, don’t choose pain

Along that path there is no gain

Quiet your mind and you’ll soon hear

Come, claim my gift, for I Am here

It’s up to you to choose your song

The journey’s short, you’ve made it long

Turn towards the Light and I’ll appear

Just stay the course for I Am here

Make Light and Love your faithful guide

Humility to replace pride

One choice away, you are so near

I offer peace, for I Am here

Choose Love and Light and heal the earth

Time to awaken, know rebirth

Awaken all on earthly sphere

Find Heaven on earth, for I Am here

© RHW March 3, 2022