A Father’s Prayer for A Lost Loved One©

All of us have dealt with the loss of a loved one, either through the natural process of the Soul’s journey or an unexpected loss due to an accident, mental instability, or poor choices like substance abuse and inevitable addiction. This poem addresses the latter. In this case a female member of our family has strayed and after decades of fighting the good fight has gone dark, refusing contact. Of course, worry and heart break are one’s first reaction, but soon we come to the conclusion that all healing comes from the Father, the One love behind all. My natural impulse, like many fathers, is to fix the problem, rescue the victim from Satan’s evil bonds and make all right. But, of course we are all helpless in such endeavors until the wanderer chooses to find healing. God gave us free choice and not even He can intercede unless invited by the one in need of healing. Imagine His deep ache when His children turn from Him. He is omnipotent, and yet powerless to do anything unless asked. I wonder to myself, ‘If God is helpless to intercede in such situations, who am I to think I can do more.’ It is an interesting lesson we all learn along the way. I am still learning it .

The pilgrim hides and runs away

So terrified of light of day

In darkness, hidden, come what may

Until the end she plans to stay

She feels alone, she lives in fear

Oblivious to love so near

Eternally, she is so dear

Yet, she has chosen not to hear

Within her father’s heart an ache

He prays that somehow she will wake

For endless love is hers to take

One simple choice to stem the break

He sends his love through God to share

That she will feel his heartfelt prayer

He knows release from Satan’s snare

Is just a choice to breath fresh air

Forever he’ll be there for her

He prays that love will clear the blur

And deep inside the truth will stir

As gentle as a kittens purr

He prays that she will reach her hand

Against all evil, take a stand

Demand her rights, reclaim her land

Forever darkness will be banned

He prays for strength to hold the light

That Satan’s darkness they might smite

And cleanse creation of this blight

Restoring perfect loving sight

He prays to God to hear his plea

That she awaken and be free

Cast Satan into fiery sea

And let perfection come to be

An answer comes from God within

I cannot heal lest she begins

By choosing  light, that’s always been

She’ll soon know peace and not the sin

My heart embraces all I made

The light within will never fade

My gift’s free choice, I cannot aid

She must choose light and not the shade

Within my heart is her birthplace

But false fears keep her from my grace

In time she’ll find her special place

Pure knowing in Love’s sweet embrace