Who Am I ©

A Contemplation

I am Love trying to break through the illusion of being alone

I am Oneness fighting for recognition in the physical realm

What is true above is veiled from the senses below

But can never be hidden from the heart

The truth from above enters the world through the heart

Like a dolphin using sonar signals to find its way

So the heart sends our signals of Love, to navigate this world

Through Love the path is revealed

What was hidden by illusion coalesces into its true nature

A nature which was never lost

Rather it was a vibration just beyond the earthly senses

But not beyond the heart

Great ones have told us, “Love is the way”

Let your heart lead and never be lost

Let mind find its role as servant to the heart

Together they reveal God’s Kingdom on earth

Heart and mind travel the road together,

The road of awakening to His Kingdom on earth

And so it is

And so it has ever been

God Bless