To a Friend Who has Lost His Way ©

With heartbreak, I watch my friend, lost in the night
Moving through shadows, just out of sight
Feeling unworthy of His Holy light
Hiding from Love and all that is bright
Some dark false specter now has his ear
Spreading illusions through words of fear
Blinding his senses from all that is dear
Piercing his heart where once was life’s cheer
And now false blindness, causes forget
How did such pure love turn to regret
Suddenly, all seems, like such a threat
Where once was beauty, now karmic debt
How did this good man fall, lose his way
Watching fear enter, colors turn grey
False guides befriended, and soon lead astray
False guides that he will, soon need to slay
Deep within his heart, the truth resides
Good must awaken from deep inside
Awaiting his choice and the turn of the tide
Waiting for him to awake and decide
To remember his gifts which so freely he shared
So many healed, by just knowing he cared
He gave so freely, nothing was spared
A world much brighter, because he chose to dare
Somehow he’s forgotten his many gifts
So many in need, who he tried to lift
In his forgetting, his faith set adrift
Toward increasing darkness, thoughts seemed to shift
How did his joy turn to darkest night
Unworthy perceptions, feeding the blight
Veiling the truth in illusions false fright
The cure so simple, just accept His Light
For we are of Oneness, and never alone
Though darkest evil wants this fact unknown
Through fears of aloneness, its many lies sewn
Yet it only takes one small flame to lead home
From the smallest spark to the greatest blaze
God’s light can straighten the twisted maze
And clear the eyes and the blindman’s blank gaze
Detoxing his mind from the devil’s haze
If only he knew how much he’s admired
Remembering truth is all that’s required
So many he touched, so many inspired
Such gifts return and can never expire
Giving’s the key to one’s joy on this plane
It lifts one to light, where falsehoods are slain
Such actions and thoughts soon unshackle our chains
And lead us to the peace of His holy reign
These words of support, I now launch in time-space
That he might remember his work still awaits
Our lives are a marathon, not a short race
For we are light beings, filled with God’s grace

Remember dear friend, how special you are to so many.

Thoughts on Depression ©

It is hard to understand depression and its feelings of aloneness, hopelessness and separatism. Those of us with loved ones struggling with this dark illusion often feel helpless in our efforts to penetrate the barriers erected by a depressed mind. Even our most ardent prayers, compassion and understanding seem to barely penetrate a depressed psyche.

Until a depressed person chooses light, progress out of the darkness is delayed. The only way past it is on wings of love; but love is a choice and many who are depressed cannot bring themselves to make this choice, or are blinded by their chosen suffering. Service is the path to fullness. Putting others first leaves little time for depression’s false claims of reality. Loving service is God made manifest.

This is something realized and really cannot be taught, although sharing one’s light can help remind those who suffer, of the truth inside them. This truth calls one to healing and dissolves the illusion of pain, hopelessness and aloneness. In truth, we are never alone and yet separateness seems so real sometimes. Our bodies and senses attest to separateness, and in our false aloneness fear raises its satanic head demanding to be recognized. But that is an illusion, an illusion which is dissolved in Love’s fire. All it takes is a flash of awakening and the natural choice of loving service will present itself to all who begin the journey back to the Father. Our job is to hold the light, know its source is unlimited and that we are all an intimate part of it. With the knowing it will flow endlessly from the heart flame and heal all it touches. Love does the work. We have only to choose and it is so. We are helpless until we choose. Each of us knows in our hearts these truths. We have only to share our light so that those who call for help from the darkness, can find it, reunite with it and take their place with their brothers and sisters in Light.