Spirit’s Call – Our Divine Partnership  ©

by Robert H Wellington

Quiet the mind that I might flow
Become a witness that I might grow
And love will cleanse you, white as snow
With healing light, that all may know

I hear your pleadings in the dark
To share with all, what’s in your heart
Guided by light from holy spark
Together a new world we will chart

I sent you out that you might learn
And through your choices, you might earn
And gather wisdom at each turn
And through loves flame, all darkness burn

And in its place pure revelation
Your view now clear from elevation
With clarity and exaltation
Beyond effect, you know causation

Just take my hand, your load I’ll lighten
Where there is darkness, I will brighten
No more can evil fool and frighten
The Devil’s shackles I will tighten

And all now lost, our love will heal
With deep compassion now you feel
We’ll cut their bonds with sharpest steel
And free them from their karmic wheel

And light will conquer all illusion
No more wandering in confusion
For all are cleansed with Love’s transfusion
No longer hiding in seclusion

One simple choice declares the light
Beyond all doubt with perfect sight
Dark stands aside before our might
You serve the One as Holy Knights

You travel on, but not alone
Have faith, your love will lead you home
With compass true, all answers known
And with each step your sins atone

Rest in my peace, My Love you know
Safe from false dangers from below
My truth I give that you might sow
Through loving action seeds that grow

The first step now is up to you
Together we will make all new
And bless the world with Spirit’s dew
Our mission holy, just and true

Within my light there is no fear
My light reveals and makes all clear
So you might climb tall cliffs, so sheer
And find your way to heaven’s cheers

The trail you leave, the path divine
Calls out to all in song sublime
You are the grapes, I am, the vine
Our love ferments to finest wine

Thoughts on Depression ©

It is hard to understand depression and its feelings of aloneness, hopelessness and separatism. Those of us with loved ones struggling with this dark illusion often feel helpless in our efforts to penetrate the barriers erected by a depressed mind. Even our most ardent prayers, compassion and understanding seem to barely penetrate a depressed psyche.

Until a depressed person chooses light, progress out of the darkness is delayed. The only way past it is on wings of love; but love is a choice and many who are depressed cannot bring themselves to make this choice, or are blinded by their chosen suffering. Service is the path to fullness. Putting others first leaves little time for depression’s false claims of reality. Loving service is God made manifest.

This is something realized and really cannot be taught, although sharing one’s light can help remind those who suffer, of the truth inside them. This truth calls one to healing and dissolves the illusion of pain, hopelessness and aloneness. In truth, we are never alone and yet separateness seems so real sometimes. Our bodies and senses attest to separateness, and in our false aloneness fear raises its satanic head demanding to be recognized. But that is an illusion, an illusion which is dissolved in Love’s fire. All it takes is a flash of awakening and the natural choice of loving service will present itself to all who begin the journey back to the Father. Our job is to hold the light, know its source is unlimited and that we are all an intimate part of it. With the knowing it will flow endlessly from the heart flame and heal all it touches. Love does the work. We have only to choose and it is so. We are helpless until we choose. Each of us knows in our hearts these truths. We have only to share our light so that those who call for help from the darkness, can find it, reunite with it and take their place with their brothers and sisters in Light.