The Present and Mountain Biking

Playing in the unfolding of the present moment while traveling the spiritual path is, in many ways , like mountain biking, one of my favorite activities.  While riding a tight and twisting single track bike trail, the experienced rider is in total communion with his or her surroundings;  but never will they take their eyes off the trail.  Looking behind or too far ahead, the rider will surely miss the rock, rut,  or other obstacle immediately before them. Both the spiritual traveler and the mountain biker are playing in the unfolding of the experience.  This is the same for any activity that encompasses body, mind and soul.  The present moment is where the action is.  This not only applies in the world of sports, but also to everything from vigorous activity to contemplative moment.  Regret, related to something from the past or anxiousness for the future, knock one off the path.  Live in the now and enjoy every microsecond of the unfolding. 

I am not talking about fatalism, where one sits in life’s theater and enjoys the show.  The present moment is a place where time slows down,  allowing the pilgrim or, in this case, the bike rider plenty of conscious awareness to fully participate in each unfolding moment, moments as full of co-creative beauty as they are mystery.  It is like a dance and your dance partner is none other than Source itself, the one consciousness.    Focus on the Present Moment and you will never step on the toes of your dance partner.   Follow your joy and you will surely find your way.

A Recent Pondering – The Continuum

The continuum of all that is, spreads across creation like a vibratory tapestry. At each quantum vibrational level is contained unlimited knowledge and wisdom. To touch and unlock the secrets of each level we must resonate with each vibrational level’s signature. Within each level are multiple octaves and related harmonics, but all are frequency and by matching one’s frequency with each level we are invited to explore its mysteries. It is a glorious quest.

Just as we now vibrate in third density and are exploring and resonating with the secrets of the physical world, so we will ascend back to the Father on this endless loving staircase which moves through all levels of creation. At each level we are reacquainted with our true self on that level until we have fully absorbed the gifts offered. These gifts have always been ours. We merely left them behind as we plumbed the depths of involution, or the exploration of ever greater density. Now we travel back up the golden stair reclaiming that which was left behind, reuniting with each level as we climb home. This is the spiritual evolutionary journey back to the Father. This involution and evolutionary quest was chosen by each of us at the beginning of time. In the process of reuniting we rediscover, understand and heal that part of the tapestry uniquely ours.

Does this adventure sound familiar. In many ways, it is the story of the prodigal sons and daughters returning home.

To a Friend Who has Lost His Way ©

With heartbreak, I watch my friend, lost in the night
Moving through shadows, just out of sight
Feeling unworthy of His Holy light
Hiding from Love and all that is bright
Some dark false specter now has his ear
Spreading illusions through words of fear
Blinding his senses from all that is dear
Piercing his heart where once was life’s cheer
And now false blindness, causes forget
How did such pure love turn to regret
Suddenly, all seems, like such a threat
Where once was beauty, now karmic debt
How did this good man fall, lose his way
Watching fear enter, colors turn grey
False guides befriended, and soon lead astray
False guides that he will, soon need to slay
Deep within his heart, the truth resides
Good must awaken from deep inside
Awaiting his choice and the turn of the tide
Waiting for him to awake and decide
To remember his gifts which so freely he shared
So many healed, by just knowing he cared
He gave so freely, nothing was spared
A world much brighter, because he chose to dare
Somehow he’s forgotten his many gifts
So many in need, who he tried to lift
In his forgetting, his faith set adrift
Toward increasing darkness, thoughts seemed to shift
How did his joy turn to darkest night
Unworthy perceptions, feeding the blight
Veiling the truth in illusions false fright
The cure so simple, just accept His Light
For we are of Oneness, and never alone
Though darkest evil wants this fact unknown
Through fears of aloneness, its many lies sewn
Yet it only takes one small flame to lead home
From the smallest spark to the greatest blaze
God’s light can straighten the twisted maze
And clear the eyes and the blindman’s blank gaze
Detoxing his mind from the devil’s haze
If only he knew how much he’s admired
Remembering truth is all that’s required
So many he touched, so many inspired
Such gifts return and can never expire
Giving’s the key to one’s joy on this plane
It lifts one to light, where falsehoods are slain
Such actions and thoughts soon unshackle our chains
And lead us to the peace of His holy reign
These words of support, I now launch in time-space
That he might remember his work still awaits
Our lives are a marathon, not a short race
For we are light beings, filled with God’s grace

Remember dear friend, how special you are to so many.

Spirit’s Call – Our Divine Partnership  ©

by Robert H Wellington

Quiet the mind that I might flow
Become a witness that I might grow
And love will cleanse you, white as snow
With healing light, that all may know

I hear your pleadings in the dark
To share with all, what’s in your heart
Guided by light from holy spark
Together a new world we will chart

I sent you out that you might learn
And through your choices, you might earn
And gather wisdom at each turn
And through loves flame, all darkness burn

And in its place pure revelation
Your view now clear from elevation
With clarity and exaltation
Beyond effect, you know causation

Just take my hand, your load I’ll lighten
Where there is darkness, I will brighten
No more can evil fool and frighten
The Devil’s shackles I will tighten

And all now lost, our love will heal
With deep compassion now you feel
We’ll cut their bonds with sharpest steel
And free them from their karmic wheel

And light will conquer all illusion
No more wandering in confusion
For all are cleansed with Love’s transfusion
No longer hiding in seclusion

One simple choice declares the light
Beyond all doubt with perfect sight
Dark stands aside before our might
You serve the One as Holy Knights

You travel on, but not alone
Have faith, your love will lead you home
With compass true, all answers known
And with each step your sins atone

Rest in my peace, My Love you know
Safe from false dangers from below
My truth I give that you might sow
Through loving action seeds that grow

The first step now is up to you
Together we will make all new
And bless the world with Spirit’s dew
Our mission holy, just and true

Within my light there is no fear
My light reveals and makes all clear
So you might climb tall cliffs, so sheer
And find your way to heaven’s cheers

The trail you leave, the path divine
Calls out to all in song sublime
You are the grapes, I am, the vine
Our love ferments to finest wine

Thoughts on Depression ©

It is hard to understand depression and its feelings of aloneness, hopelessness and separatism. Those of us with loved ones struggling with this dark illusion often feel helpless in our efforts to penetrate the barriers erected by a depressed mind. Even our most ardent prayers, compassion and understanding seem to barely penetrate a depressed psyche.

Until a depressed person chooses light, progress out of the darkness is delayed. The only way past it is on wings of love; but love is a choice and many who are depressed cannot bring themselves to make this choice, or are blinded by their chosen suffering. Service is the path to fullness. Putting others first leaves little time for depression’s false claims of reality. Loving service is God made manifest.

This is something realized and really cannot be taught, although sharing one’s light can help remind those who suffer, of the truth inside them. This truth calls one to healing and dissolves the illusion of pain, hopelessness and aloneness. In truth, we are never alone and yet separateness seems so real sometimes. Our bodies and senses attest to separateness, and in our false aloneness fear raises its satanic head demanding to be recognized. But that is an illusion, an illusion which is dissolved in Love’s fire. All it takes is a flash of awakening and the natural choice of loving service will present itself to all who begin the journey back to the Father. Our job is to hold the light, know its source is unlimited and that we are all an intimate part of it. With the knowing it will flow endlessly from the heart flame and heal all it touches. Love does the work. We have only to choose and it is so. We are helpless until we choose. Each of us knows in our hearts these truths. We have only to share our light so that those who call for help from the darkness, can find it, reunite with it and take their place with their brothers and sisters in Light.

Thoughts On Stillness ©

A Poem by RHW

Within is a place of pure stillness.
Where movement is barely detected.
Where light is the only vibration.
Potential beyond Comprehension.
Beyond all earthly perception.
Sculpting all forms from idea.
Broadcasting templates for all life.
The physical realms of creation.
Yet always residing in silence.
The power beyond revelation.
Calling us home from our service.
Sharing its holy refreshment.
Love flowing through all Light-bearers.
Who soar with each new revelation.
Pure peaceful and holy still waters.
The realm through which all good flows to us.
We only need know and request it.
And soon it infuses our being.
His power, unlimited flowing.
Awakening all with pure knowing.
In stillness it whispers its secrets.
And so we must choose revelation.
Residing so closely in stillness.
The Silence, His gift to creation.

A Baby is Born ©

Through Love, life presents itself to the world.
He or she enters on a beam of light from realms which know only purity
The entering Soul calls for all it needs from the manifested universe
Which plays its part in providing the building blocks of each soul’s vehicle of expression
Guided by His holy template and color palette,
The human body takes form and a newborn finds its way into existence.
Parents through their Love called to the higher realms
And were answered from the illumination of the One.
From the infinite, a single ray, individual, yet one with the whole, heard the call, and descended
And through God’s magic, a baby soon opens its eyes
To gaze upon its new family
Love is exchanged as parents and the baby behold each other for the first time
And so, Love is reflected in Love
The earthly realm is blessed by this precious gift from above
Through Love the new family will find guidance
Remember this moment. Remember this peek
Into the heavenly realms from which we all came
Remember the love you felt when your eyes first met those of your new baby’s, eyes which are windows into heaven.
For, without Love, earthly darkness will try to fill the void
Hold your baby and hear the perfect song of heavens vibration .
The song belongs to all
It is the song which sends all into incarnation.
It is the song which sustains all life and
guides those who sense it.
It is the song which welcomes all upon return.
It exists at the threshold between realms
Make it your constant companion
And you will find blessings beyond your greatest imaginings
God Bless the Children
God Bless the Parents
And so it is

Secrets of an Open Heart ©

Open your heart and let all it has to offer the world flow freely.
Like the drawing of a warm bath which flows from cold to cool to warm to hot, let your love grow in intensity and consistency.

Become a witness to your love as it sweeps through the world healing all it touches.
Rejoice as it blends with the love of your co-workers, dissolving the illusions of the ego, and misguided thought-forms formed over the millennia.

Love flows over the world one encounter at a time, wherever called, whenever chosen.
And so it is.
God Bless