A Baby is Born ©

Through Love, life presents itself to the world.
He or she enters on a beam of light from realms which know only purity
The entering Soul calls for all it needs from the manifested universe
Which plays its part in providing the building blocks of each soul’s vehicle of expression
Guided by His holy template and color palette,
The human body takes form and a newborn finds its way into existence.
Parents through their Love called to the higher realms
And were answered from the illumination of the One.
From the infinite, a single ray, individual, yet one with the whole, heard the call, and descended
And through God’s magic, a baby soon opens its eyes
To gaze upon its new family
Love is exchanged as parents and the baby behold each other for the first time
And so, Love is reflected in Love
The earthly realm is blessed by this precious gift from above
Through Love the new family will find guidance
Remember this moment. Remember this peek
Into the heavenly realms from which we all came
Remember the love you felt when your eyes first met those of your new baby’s, eyes which are windows into heaven.
For, without Love, earthly darkness will try to fill the void
Hold your baby and hear the perfect song of heavens vibration .
The song belongs to all
It is the song which sends all into incarnation.
It is the song which sustains all life and
guides those who sense it.
It is the song which welcomes all upon return.
It exists at the threshold between realms
Make it your constant companion
And you will find blessings beyond your greatest imaginings
God Bless the Children
God Bless the Parents
And so it is