Become the Teacher

Love and you teach Love Be joyful and you teach joy Understand and you teach understanding Be compassionate and teach compassion Let your heart guide and teach the secrets revealed. You do not need a degree You do not need special training You need only follow your heart

Where the Self Can Be the Self

The present is a realm of pure peace and wisdom where the Self is free to be the Self, without the constraints of past experiences and related judgements, nor the weight of future expectations.

Thoughts On Stillness

A Poem by RHW Within is a place of pure stillness. Where movement is barely detected. Where light is the only vibration. Potential beyond Comprehension. Beyond all earthly perception. Sculpting all forms from idea. Broadcasting templates for all life. The physical realms of creation. Yet always residing in silence. The power beyond revelation. Calling us […]

A Baby is Born

Through Love, life presents itself to the world. He or she enters on a beam of light from realms which know only purity The entering Soul calls for all it needs from the manifested universe Which plays its part in providing the building blocks of each soul’s vehicle of expression Guided by His holy template […]

Secrets of an Open Heart

Open your heart and let all it has to offer the world flow freely. Like the drawing of a warm bath which flows from cold to cool to warm to hot, let your love grow in intensity and consistency. Become a witness to your love as it sweeps through the world healing all it touches. […]

Love Musings

I live to love Through love I live Loving is the way I grow Through growth, I learn to love more effectively Loving reveals the truth Perceiving the truth frees my soul A free soul heals the world It has always been so This is the quest laid before us when time began We came […]

Who Am I

A Contemplation I am Love trying to break through the illusion of being alone I am Oneness fighting for recognition in the physical realm What is true above is veiled from the senses below But can never be hidden from the heart The truth from above enters the world through the heart Like a dolphin […]

Thoughts on Father’s Day

A Fathers promise to His Children Despite what challenges life presents. Despite what may come, I am here for you. Shining in the darkness, all my light is yours. Crossing the abyss together we will succeed. We will together serve Him with all our strength. I see Him in you and it is that which […]

A Father’s Prayer for A Lost Loved One

All of us have dealt with the loss of a loved one, either through the natural process of the Soul’s journey or an unexpected loss due to an accident, mental instability, or poor choices like substance abuse and inevitable addiction. This poem addresses the latter. In this case a female member of our family has […]

Lenten Reflections 2022

  The season of Lent is so much more than a Christian tradition.  It is for all peoples, whatever belief or persuasion.  Whether you follow the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Native American or other loving path, the relationship of the Soul to the One Soul  is common throughout.  To this end I offer this […]