Spirit’s Call – Our Divine Partnership  ©

by Robert H Wellington

Quiet the mind that I might flow
Become a witness that I might grow
And love will cleanse you, white as snow
With healing light, that all may know

I hear your pleadings in the dark
To share with all, what’s in your heart
Guided by light from holy spark
Together a new world we will chart

I sent you out that you might learn
And through your choices, you might earn
And gather wisdom at each turn
And through loves flame, all darkness burn

And in its place pure revelation
Your view now clear from elevation
With clarity and exaltation
Beyond effect, you know causation

Just take my hand, your load I’ll lighten
Where there is darkness, I will brighten
No more can evil fool and frighten
The Devil’s shackles I will tighten

And all now lost, our love will heal
With deep compassion now you feel
We’ll cut their bonds with sharpest steel
And free them from their karmic wheel

And light will conquer all illusion
No more wandering in confusion
For all are cleansed with Love’s transfusion
No longer hiding in seclusion

One simple choice declares the light
Beyond all doubt with perfect sight
Dark stands aside before our might
You serve the One as Holy Knights

You travel on, but not alone
Have faith, your love will lead you home
With compass true, all answers known
And with each step your sins atone

Rest in my peace, My Love you know
Safe from false dangers from below
My truth I give that you might sow
Through loving action seeds that grow

The first step now is up to you
Together we will make all new
And bless the world with Spirit’s dew
Our mission holy, just and true

Within my light there is no fear
My light reveals and makes all clear
So you might climb tall cliffs, so sheer
And find your way to heaven’s cheers

The trail you leave, the path divine
Calls out to all in song sublime
You are the grapes, I am, the vine
Our love ferments to finest wine

Secrets of an Open Heart ©

Open your heart and let all it has to offer the world flow freely.
Like the drawing of a warm bath which flows from cold to cool to warm to hot, let your love grow in intensity and consistency.

Become a witness to your love as it sweeps through the world healing all it touches.
Rejoice as it blends with the love of your co-workers, dissolving the illusions of the ego, and misguided thought-forms formed over the millennia.

Love flows over the world one encounter at a time, wherever called, whenever chosen.
And so it is.
God Bless

A Father’s Prayer for A Lost Loved One©

All of us have dealt with the loss of a loved one, either through the natural process of the Soul’s journey or an unexpected loss due to an accident, mental instability, or poor choices like substance abuse and inevitable addiction. This poem addresses the latter. In this case a female member of our family has strayed and after decades of fighting the good fight has gone dark, refusing contact. Of course, worry and heart break are one’s first reaction, but soon we come to the conclusion that all healing comes from the Father, the One love behind all. My natural impulse, like many fathers, is to fix the problem, rescue the victim from Satan’s evil bonds and make all right. But, of course we are all helpless in such endeavors until the wanderer chooses to find healing. God gave us free choice and not even He can intercede unless invited by the one in need of healing. Imagine His deep ache when His children turn from Him. He is omnipotent, and yet powerless to do anything unless asked. I wonder to myself, ‘If God is helpless to intercede in such situations, who am I to think I can do more.’ It is an interesting lesson we all learn along the way. I am still learning it .

The pilgrim hides and runs away

So terrified of light of day

In darkness, hidden, come what may

Until the end she plans to stay

She feels alone, she lives in fear

Oblivious to love so near

Eternally, she is so dear

Yet, she has chosen not to hear

Within her father’s heart an ache

He prays that somehow she will wake

For endless love is hers to take

One simple choice to stem the break

He sends his love through God to share

That she will feel his heartfelt prayer

He knows release from Satan’s snare

Is just a choice to breath fresh air

Forever he’ll be there for her

He prays that love will clear the blur

And deep inside the truth will stir

As gentle as a kittens purr

He prays that she will reach her hand

Against all evil, take a stand

Demand her rights, reclaim her land

Forever darkness will be banned

He prays for strength to hold the light

That Satan’s darkness they might smite

And cleanse creation of this blight

Restoring perfect loving sight

He prays to God to hear his plea

That she awaken and be free

Cast Satan into fiery sea

And let perfection come to be

An answer comes from God within

I cannot heal lest she begins

By choosing  light, that’s always been

She’ll soon know peace and not the sin

My heart embraces all I made

The light within will never fade

My gift’s free choice, I cannot aid

She must choose light and not the shade

Within my heart is her birthplace

But false fears keep her from my grace

In time she’ll find her special place

Pure knowing in Love’s sweet embrace



For I Am Here ©

Too often we find ourselves dwelling on feelings, often painful memories, and although observing thoughts, feelings and ideas without attachment can be a healthy exercise, dwelling on them with attachment is not. This morning during meditation, my mind wandered to a particular family related challenge and I found myself totally consumed by the related pain it caused to well up within me. When I eventually noticed that my mind had strayed, I brought it back to the silence and was unexpectedly confronted with the inner question, “Why do you dwell on pain when I Am here?” The poem which follows was the result. Hope you enjoy.

For I Am Here

And so you walk the world’s roads

You feel alone with heavy load

The world’s unkind, you know each tear

You feel your pain, yet I Am here

You’ve made the choice, you’ve lost all hope

You do your best to live and cope

You’ve chosen sadness, embraced fear

You’ve chosen dark, yet I Am here

And so reality is made

From paths we’ve taken, roles we’ve played

It seems so natural, seems so clear

You chose illusion, yet I Am here

I gave you choice to find your way

Back home to me and yet you stray

With each right choice, hear Heaven’s cheer

Sharpen your focus, for I Am here

Why dwell on pain when I am Joy

Through loving choice, your pain destroy

Reclaim your legacy, truth so dear

Pure Light and Love, for I Am here

Don’t dwell on sadness, don’t choose pain

Along that path there is no gain

Quiet your mind and you’ll soon hear

Come, claim my gift, for I Am here

It’s up to you to choose your song

The journey’s short, you’ve made it long

Turn towards the Light and I’ll appear

Just stay the course for I Am here

Make Light and Love your faithful guide

Humility to replace pride

One choice away, you are so near

I offer peace, for I Am here

Choose Love and Light and heal the earth

Time to awaken, know rebirth

Awaken all on earthly sphere

Find Heaven on earth, for I Am here

© RHW March 3, 2022

Won’t You Be Mine ©

Won’t You Be Mine ©

A Valentine’s Day Message

And so we come upon another Valentines day.    So much more than a day to exchange cards and candy hearts.  Not just an annual opportunity for greeting card companies to meet budget objectives.  This is a time to reflect on those we love.  This is a time to see Love’s power in all, well beyond just families and friends, to an ever growing infinite circle of connectedness.  Think deeply on this day of Love.  Open your hearts and feel its message.  Feel its infinite flow and observe where it guides you.

The world wants us to think that Love is saved only for a select few. 

It urges us to shield our hearts from the fears which it promotes, unknown fears, and yet no less demanding of attention.

Truth is, they are illusionary – unless we choose to let them into our psyche.  If we choose to accept this illusion, we soon withdraw. We find ourselves existing in a truncated realm of our own making and feel increasingly alone. 

Fear is behind all negativity in the world, all dark thoughts.

It is the father of separatism, anger, aggression, selfishness and ultimately depression and hopelessness. 

Valentines Day, as simple and childlike as it may seem, is a ray of light from above, a small remembrance that Love is the way and its message of Oneness  a pathway through the illusion.  Share your Love, even if only through small acts of kindness and charity, and watch as the light   of your Love grows and combines with the Love of others.  Give, receive and give again, until the illusion of being separate is revealed for the false premise that it is.  It is a simple choice, although at first it seems like a giant and dangerous leap across a deep and ominous chasm.  Look through the lens of your Love, your heart, and a bridge across will be revealed.   It beckons all   who are lost to step upon it and rediscover the long forgotten truth of who they really are.  Each step is greeted by heavens illuminating light, and the illusion of an uncrossable chasm fades into the nothingness of its founding.  Soon a beautiful valley is revealed with its fertile fields, pure lakes and streams, wildlife and glorious vistas.  This is our true reality.  Valentine’s day is a moment in time to reconnect.  It has always been so.  God’s forever promise.  We have only to choose. Four simple words,  “Won’t you be mine?”

Won’t You Be Mine


Sweet Valentine, Pure Love Divine

Fragrance sublime, Won’t you be mine?

As I am yours, Expression so pure

Beyond allure, Love is the cure

Share Love’s bouquet, Along the way

Keep dark at bay, Through Him we pray

And so we share, Sweet Love so fair

Awake and aware, Within sacred air

Not just a date, Love co-creates

Roads become straight, Unlock the gates

Be Mine – the request, To All addressed

Give first and be blessed, True Love the quest

Thoughts On Stillness

Thoughts On Stillness

A Poem by RHW

Thoughts on Stillness

Within is a place of pure stillness. Where movement is barely detected.

Where light is the only vibration. Potential beyond Comprehension.

Beyond all earthly perception. Sculpting all forms from idea.

Broadcasting templates for all life. The physical realms of creation.

Yet always residing in silence. The power beyond revelation.

Calling us home from our service. Sharing its holy refreshment.

Love flowing through all Light-bearers. Who soar with each new revelation.

Pure peaceful and holy still waters. The realm through which all good flows to us.

We only need know and request it. And soon it infuses our being.

His power, unlimited flowing. Awakening all with pure knowing.

In stillness it whispers its secrets. And so we must choose revelation.

Residing so closely in stillness. The Silence, His gift to creation.