A Recent Pondering – The Continuum

The continuum of all that is, spreads across creation like a vibratory tapestry. At each quantum vibrational level is contained unlimited knowledge and wisdom. To touch and unlock the secrets of each level we must resonate with each vibrational level’s signature. Within each level are multiple octaves and related harmonics, but all are frequency and by matching one’s frequency with each level we are invited to explore its mysteries. It is a glorious quest.

Just as we now vibrate in third density and are exploring and resonating with the secrets of the physical world, so we will ascend back to the Father on this endless loving staircase which moves through all levels of creation. At each level we are reacquainted with our true self on that level until we have fully absorbed the gifts offered. These gifts have always been ours. We merely left them behind as we plumbed the depths of involution, or the exploration of ever greater density. Now we travel back up the golden stair reclaiming that which was left behind, reuniting with each level as we climb home. This is the spiritual evolutionary journey back to the Father. This involution and evolutionary quest was chosen by each of us at the beginning of time. In the process of reuniting we rediscover, understand and heal that part of the tapestry uniquely ours.

Does this adventure sound familiar. In many ways, it is the story of the prodigal sons and daughters returning home.