The Present and Mountain Biking

Playing in the unfolding of the present moment while traveling the spiritual path is, in many ways , like mountain biking, one of my favorite activities.  While riding a tight and twisting single track bike trail, the experienced rider is in total communion with his or her surroundings;  but never will they take their eyes off the trail.  Looking behind or too far ahead, the rider will surely miss the rock, rut,  or other obstacle immediately before them. Both the spiritual traveler and the mountain biker are playing in the unfolding of the experience.  This is the same for any activity that encompasses body, mind and soul.  The present moment is where the action is.  This not only applies in the world of sports, but also to everything from vigorous activity to contemplative moment.  Regret, related to something from the past or anxiousness for the future, knock one off the path.  Live in the now and enjoy every microsecond of the unfolding. 

I am not talking about fatalism, where one sits in life’s theater and enjoys the show.  The present moment is a place where time slows down,  allowing the pilgrim or, in this case, the bike rider plenty of conscious awareness to fully participate in each unfolding moment, moments as full of co-creative beauty as they are mystery.  It is like a dance and your dance partner is none other than Source itself, the one consciousness.    Focus on the Present Moment and you will never step on the toes of your dance partner.   Follow your joy and you will surely find your way.