The Realm of Silence ©

While contemplating the peace of the early morning, the following verses jumped into my journal.

We search for the Silence. We search for His peace.

A realm so exquisite. That seems our of reach.

It calls and we answer. Our senses alert.

But senses can’t touch it. And neither can words.

But somehow we hear it. Somewhere deep within.

Our hearts long to join it. New life to begin.

Our whole body quickens. We leap beyond time.

Traveling without moving. We touch the sublime.

No feeling describes it. No words and no thoughts.

Its presence known only, by the joy that it brought.

Angels sing in thanksgiving. The truth behind light

We have only to choose it, to invoke Heaven’s might

It has always been with us. Blessing all from the start.

Follow Love and you’ll find it, on its throne in your heart